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The recommended reading sequence is to start with Sunday and continue on through the week. The series will be complete with Saturday and Finally. If you cannot wait to see how things turn out in the end, The Story consists of excerpts from Saturday and Finally. If you cannot find The Story at a reasonable price, please send an email with your request to

If you want to get a taste for the writing with minimum investment, Thursday is available as a Kindle ebook for $1.00. All of the words are there, but most of the precision formatting is lost in the ebook form. For example, footnotes are inconveniently collected at the end of the ebook. Footnotes are an important part of these books (which is unusual in fiction but perhaps not the most unusual feature of these books).

Some history:
Crossbooks, the original publisher of The Story, Sunday, and Monday, closed its doors at the end of April, 2015. A few copies of the Crossbooks editions may still be available from booksellers. Sunday is back in print by Westbow Press (Zondervan) thanks to an arrangement made by Crossbooks, but the price is higher; however it is the only hardcover of Sunday currently available. Sorek Valley Books, our new imprint, allows us to publish more efficiently and at lower retail prices. Here are the the latest Sorek Valley editions (available from Amazon and elsewhere).

TitleSubtitle ISBN
The Day and the Hour: Sunday 9780692569900
The Day and the Hour: Monday9780692550731
The Day and the Hour: Tuesday9780692512692
The Day and the Hour: Wednesday9780692714577
The Day and the Hour: Thursday9780692890363
The Day and the Hour: Friday9780692066171

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